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We enable established recruitment agencies to improve their overall performance through training, service improvement and growth strategies.

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Running a recruitment Agency requires passion, energy, time and organisation. At Recruitment in a Box, we understand that sometimes you need help with at least one of these to keep your business on the right path to success.

Whether it is system and process related, gaps in knowledge and expertise or you simply just don’t know why you have plateaued as a business then rest assured,  Recruitment in a Box with their 25 years+ experience within the industry, is best-placed to give you the help that you need, when you need it most.

Sometimes just having a second opinion on a key business decision with somebody who has been there before can allow you to sleep at night!

Focus on what you do best and let Recruitment in a Box take care of the rest.

Are you Wondering… 

  • How to introduce a temp or perm desk into your business
  • How to launch into a new sector 
  • How to succession plan for the future
  • How to manage the day-to-day back office processes more efficiently
  • How to market my agency better online and across social media
  • How to get the most efficient CRM to save my time and run my business easier
  • Plus many, many more…………………….

Do you need help to…

  • Strategise your Business?  
  • Increase your sales? 
  • Reduce your costs? 
  • Launch a new service?
  • Take on new staff?
  • Plan your future? 
  • Improve the skills of your team …etc…

Our Solutions 

“Run your business through an MOT with us and we can create your unique & personalised package

with 1,2 or more solutions!”

Many of our clients tell us how difficult it is to generate profit while managing all the other complex and vital aspects of the business.

Recruitment in a Box can perfect a bespoke solution that provides you with, not only the time you need to focus on your core skills as the owner of the business, but also the tools and services to improve the performance overall.











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