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Our Passion For What We Do Transfers Into The Complete Range of Services We Provide.

The Recruitment In a Box team brings together over 30 years of combined experience in Recruitment Company Management incorporating Sales, Marketing, Finance & Business Operations. This invaluable experience has enabled us to create Recruitment in a Box to ensure that you don’t have to endure any of the entrepreneurial struggles associated with running your own Recruitment Company!


What We Do

Recruitment in a Box provides a complete operational package, with no capital outlay, with the opportunity to determine how best to run your business. The business model is ideally set up for you to generate substantially more money whilst still having the support of larger organisation, lead by professional recruitment partners that fully understand the needs of their clients.

Not only do we provide the most effective way to launch your new business or improve your current one, but also with our expertise we are best placed to guide you continuously on your ongoing recruitment journey, from launch to sale and even after…

With dedication to customer service at our core, together with our expert knowledge, means Recruitment in a Box is a business you can trust to consistently exceed your expectations.

“Over the past 30 years, our Team has helped Recruitment Agencies in a wide range of sectors to set-up and run their business smoothly and successfully” 



Who We Help


Whether you are an experienced Recruiter or not, if you are currently thinking of starting your own Recruitment Business then Recruitment in a Box is the easiest and most cost-effective solution to get you started in a matter of days.

Unlike other solutions that commit you to a franchise, take shares in your company or charge you a percentage of the invoices you raise Recruitment in a Box acts as a single supplier that charges a single monthly fee for all the specialist services that you take to successfully run your business.

With training and support provided from idea stage to launch and beyond Recruitment in a Box is the ideal partner to help you to realise your dream of running your own Recruitment Business.

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Established Agency

You have your own Recruitment Agency but you may not be sure that your current back office and operational support is the most efficient and cost-effective way to manage your business.

If you are spending more time managing you operations and suppliers than managing your clients and staff then you need to talk to us!

With our industry know how we can evaluate your business requirements in consultation with yourselves and design bespoke solutions that enable you to focus on the management and growth of your Business.

We have also helped companies to expand into new industry sectors, add temporary recruitment to a perm business and vice-versa.

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Our Solutions

Business Strategy

Establishing a solid strategy is vital for the well being of your Business in the long term.

Launching or expanding your Business with a vision of what the future will bring, both good and challenging, enhances your chances of sustainable success.

Our job is to help you to plan, organise and structure your business from the very beginning.

Sales Support

You might be starting your business from scratch with just one client or you may already have many clients but are looking to expand into new territories/sectors – either way increasing the volume of your sales remains your number 1 priority.

We can provide you with a dedicated B2B salesperson to help you build your database, generate leads and appointments to give you the boost that you need to achieve that vital early growth.

 Candidate Attraction

The quest for quality candidates is an ongoing ambition of all successful recruiters and there are now so many different paths that you can go down to attract both active and passive candidates.  Job boards on their own are offering diminishing returns these days so it is imperative to have the right balance of options in play to get the best results.

Recruitment in a Box provides in-sourcing and outsourcing solutions giving you access to quality candidates from a wide network of sources.


Making a good impression first time and every time is not just the responsibility of your sales team, your marketing department has to get it right too!

Having a memorable brand supported by a quality website and marketing material (both on and offline) is the first part.  You then have to ensure that this is replicated by your presence and activity on social and business media platforms.

Our Marketing team has all the necessary expertise to enhance any Recruitment Business.

 Technology & IT

Running a business without the appropriate technology is like driving without a steering wheel!

At Recruitment in a Box, we provide you with everything that you need to ensure that you keep your business on the right road to success.

Cloud based hosted desktop and mail exchange services combined with an industry leading CRM gives you the tools to steer your business in the right direction. Add to this a user managed VOIP Telephony system that gives you the chance to tell the world about you!

Legal & Compliance

The recruitment industry is regulated by both Employment Law and Taxation Law and these areas can often be quite complex to those not already acquainted with them.  Business contracts, terms, insurance, company policies and official templates have to be in place for your business to have legal credibility.

We’ve selected the best partners to help you run your business safely! Plus, we are business partners with TEAM with access to additional suppliers in all specialist areas that your business may require.


In the absence of competent financial management of your business you can quickly see your money disappear and any hopes of profit and a future pension plan!

At Recruitment in a Box, we have engaged with industry leading providers to deliver a comprehensive recruitment back office to include – payroll, accountancy, invoicing, credit control, factoring and invoice discounting.

We make sure that you and your workers are paid on time, your customers are happy and that your tax returns are always submitted accurately and on time. Your own dedicated Accountant is there fore you every step of the way.

 Training & Coaching

Improving recruitment and management skills for you and or your team comes from a combination of training courses and coaching sessions as appropriate.

By outsourcing all recruitment support services to Recruitment in a Box you have much more time to impact upon the success of yourself, your people and your business.  By taking advantage of our short and long courses we can give you the benefit of our experience to increase your core competencies and extend your abilities to succeed even further.

 Who We Are


Founder / Director

Jonathan is the Founder of Recruitment-in-a-box and facilitated all the current business partnerships and is personally involved in the set-up of each new client.
Jonathan has been involved in the Business Services sector for over 20 years with the majority of those years in the Recruitment Industry as a key stakeholder.
With experience of large multi-disciplinary corporate companies, SMEs and start-ups he has first hand experience of what is required to run a successful recruitment company of any size.


Marketing & Sales Manager

Stephanie is the Marketing & Sales Manager for Recruitment in a Box. With 10 years of experience in sales strategy combined with a passion for marketing and social media, Stephanie helps our clients to make their company unique and memorable. From your website to your marketing documents, Stephanie will work with you on your Brand and Marketing strategy.
Stephanie believes that professionalism, credibility & visibility are the 3 key words which will allow you to successfully interact and engage with your candidates and clients.


Head of Finance

Mark is the Head of Finance for Recruitment-in-a-box and looks after the Accounting and Back-Office for our clients. He is experienced in working with a wide variety of owner managed businesses across multiple industry sectors, so he can help and advise them on how to make their business a success. Getting as much out of them as possible and paying the right amount of tax efficiently too of course.


Client Sevices Coordinator

Kelly is the Client Services Coordinator and manages all of the supplier relationships internally and externally. Kelly has performed these functions for Recruitment Agencies for over 5 years and has been integral to the success of established businesses and start-ups during this time

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